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Born in Barcelona, the first software designed to optimize the performance of a League of Legends player.


United Gamers Founders: Xavi Martinez, Ferran Llobet and Joan Solé

United Gamers offers training and health services to esports players. Seeking to improve the current training model, providing a new specific methodology for players to achieve their highest performance.

The United Gamers MVP will be focused on improving the “Last Hit”, the most recurring skill to own in the League of Legends. The startup plans to release internationally within the end of 2020, with first version both in Spanish and English.

They will then seek funding to improve the tool, looking forward to being able to offer training systems targeting other existing skills in the popular video game, as well as for the creation of new training products, with specific methodology, for the most popular esports.

With an ever-growing market in esports, but no support into the training and wellbeing of the players, United Gamers was created leverage the expertise of the players but to also assure their health mentally and physically are intact.

‘’It is a reality that this practice, as it is understood today, leads to multiple pathologies. Most teams train for more than 8 hours a day playing these video games, which is not optimal training. We believe that sports science applied to esports can bring a lot of room for improvement to its current methodology, ’’ says CEO of United Gamers, Xavi Martínez.

The solution to this is presented in the first version of the software, where players will have a set of tasks and exercises focused on optimizing the “Last Hit”, and later on, they will add training systems for other required skills. United Gamers has the application of collective sports training methodology from the National Institute of Physical Education in Barcelona (INEFC), ​​proposed by Dr. Joan Solé, professor of Theory of sports training. Thus, reating the first specific gamer training methodology for League of Legends focused on improving performance.

As we have commented previously, the gamers lifestyle is something that also worries us. A set of healthy tips will appear, from all areas involved in the gamer’s health, with the aim to reduce pathologies, both physical and psychological, associated with the practice.

Founders Ferran Llobet and Xavi Martínez started the company at INEFC in Barcelona, where Llobet and Martínez, two university students at the time with 26 and 22 years old respectively, detected a niche in electronic sports training. Together with Dr. Joan Solé and other prominent professionals in training and health in team sports, they began to create proposals to solve the problems that ended up shaping the company.

“With this first round we reached a corporate valuation of nearly 1 million Euros. It is a clear indication of the market’s interest in products and services that power the growing gaming and esports sector. We are pleased to have a multidisciplinary investment team that can provide a lot of added value, aiming to bring together figures from the business and sports world. ‘’ Notes Ferran Llobet, COO of UG.

Guillem Segarra (CEO of Happy Fresh) is added to this list as lead investor, followed by Krishnan Menon (CEO of Bukukas), Fork Capital, Zenit Auditores y Consultores, Fernando Pons (Founder Sports Innovation VC), Alfredo Balcells (Founder IOS Finance), Carles Ventura (Director of the Department of Health and Applied Sciences of the INEFC of Barcelona), Daniel Brotons (Doctor of Medicine and Specialist in Medicine for Physical Education and Sports), Pere Lavega (Professor and researcher at the INEFC of Lleida), Xavi Martos (Formula1 Trainer), Xavier Llobet (Optometrist Optician and CGCOO Plenary Member), Alex López de Groot (RCD Mallorca Player), Joan Verdú (Ex football player of Deportivo de la Coruña, RCD Espanyol, ACF Fiorentina and Qingdao Huanghai) and personalities from Valladolid CF, and other trusted investors.

United Gamers will launch the first BETA version of the product to a specific group of gamers interested in testing the product before it reaches the global market on their website. www.unitedgamers.pro

United Gamers is constantly growing, if you are interested in being a part of the project or collaborating, you can contact the UG team at the following email.