NEW VERSION 1.5 - United Gamers
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  • Larger letters in warm-up. In this version you have the larger warm-up letters to facilitate your vision on the task.
  • Ability to use the F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9 keys in warm-up. In this version we have added these keys in the warm-up so that you can add them in the task in case you use them in the game.



  • Improved Artificial Intelligence (behavior) of the minions. In this version the behavior of the minions is not so dispersed.
  • Improve the minionblock. In this version we have drastically reduced the minionblock and above all it shows with the meleé champion since he was the one who moved the most in between the minions.
  • Auto-attacks correctly. In this version we have fixed some bugs that made the system not recognize some auto-attacks well.
  • Ability to choose the side of the map. In this version we have added the option where you can choose from which side of the map to exit or be able to do it randomly.
  • Ability to modulate free camera’s speed. In this version we have added the option to choose the speed of free camera movement.
  • Prioritize the focus of the tower on the siege minions. In this version, as in LoL, the tower focuses on the siege minions before other types of minions.
  • Show the number of minions of each type that you have eliminated. In this version you will be able to see the type of minions that you have killed to see if you fail more in one or the other.

As we always ask for, any feedback for improvement can be sended to and will be very well received and studied by the entire United Gamers team.

This tool is made for you so you can tell us anything you think might help us and we will value it.

Thank you very much for your trust and we hope that the new version is to your liking.